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The Fall of The eXile For all those wondering what the "Save The eXile Fundrasier" banner is all about, here it is as simply as it can be phrased: The eXile is shutting down.
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Unfiled March 6, 2007
Gaming Review: THE STERVA
Now Every Russian Girl Can Be A Sterva!

From the makers of the mega-hit game THE SIMS comes the most highly-anticipated breakthrough in Strategic Life Simulation Gaming: THE STERVA.

The Sterva

In THE STERVA, you play a young female who arrives in Moscow from the provinces, vulnerable, poor, and lonely, but full of sex appeal and ambition. Your objective is to be the most ruthless STERVA in all of Moscow, using anyone and anything to satisfy your own pointless caprices.

THE STERVA's innovative technology offers graphics and situations so life-like that players will not only find it entertaining, but educational and psychologically rewarding.

START UP! Your online personality is fully customizable. You can choose over a hundred different attributes. Each one will affect your STERVA abilities in unpredictable ways. For example, here "NATASHA-KOSHECHKA" is forced to choose which type of snapper she will start out with. How about "crew cut"? It'll save scarce money on razor blades, but with a scruffy snapper like that, you may have a tougher time breaking a rich man's heart!

Your virtual STERVA increases her power by earning points in four main categories: NUMBER OF HEARTS SHE BREAKS; VALUE OF GIFTS SHE ACQUIRES; NUMBER OF SEXUAL CONQUESTS SHE ACHIEVES; and CENTER OF ATTENTION STRENGTH. In this true-to-life screen shot, we see the virtual STERVA causing a major scandal, and scoring big. Your powerful, wealthy sponsor has sent his wife and children off to London for a week in order to meet you. You cleverly arrange it so that when your sponsor pulls up to your podezd in his migalka-toting Ferrari, you are "caught" having kinky exhibitionist sex with a cute passerby. If you can manage your rich sponsor's anger, you'll be sure to turn around his anger into his begging for forgiveness...and a Nokia mobile phone worth 37,000 rubles! A super-STERVA would turn his anger around and torture him for a Mini Cooper! So, are you STERVA enough?

Online multi-player interactive gaming pits STERVAS from all over the Former Soviet Union. This screen shot captures three STERVAS named Olga and one named Olyichka as they all fight over the heart of a wealthy, vain, unsuspecting Older Man. This is where the strategy gets even trickier. The Old Man is easy to conquer, but his heart is a highly-valuable prize in the game of STERVA. You have to fight off rivals while at the same time winning his trust and affection. Employing a cunning mixture of giggling at his bad jokes, flattery, dropping things on the floor in order to reveal parts of your body, feigning stupidity, gossiping about your rivals by way of seeming to protect your intended prey for his own benefit, your goal is to leave the room with him, and leave your rivals high and dry. This room is experts-only.

As you advance in STERVA, the number of pitfalls and boobytraps you face increases accordingly. One of the STERVA's fatal mistakes is getting pregnant. This can set your character's STERVA points almost back to the elektrichka vokzal that you started from. In this screen shot, an expert level player, NATASHA-SEXY, successfully solved her newborn albatross by dropping her baby off with her grandmother in her home village in the provinces. However, since she didn't properly manage both her time in Moscow acquiring gifts and broken hearts together with making sure that her grandmother fed her child, the child came back to haunt her at the worst time possible: during her first-ever elitny party in Barvikha. This life-like unwanted child is shown here crying for sushi rolls, the only food he knows.

STERVA BEWARE! In this screen shot, an intermediate player, NATASHA-SUPERSEXY, thinks she's made another kinky sexual conquest by engaging in a one-night stand with a drunken banker whom she just met two hours earlier. Had she succeeded in coldly satisfying herself, she might have even made a start towards breaking his heart. However, her fortunes changed when she got careless, and the computer-generated banker surprised her by unloading a giant load of cum on her face and into her hair, thereby HUMILIATING the STERVA. This resulted in a 25% loss in her STERVA powers across all categories, plus another 25% penalty loss in the BROKEN HEARTS category. She must leave the main gaming area for 12 hours to wash herself off and to cry on the phone to her first boyfriend from her village.

Success! The STERVA finally gets her own key to a sponsor's mansion in Zhukovka. But don't relax too much just yet. Comfort is the enemy of the STERVA, weakening her malice-fueled ambition. Keep your STERVA weaponry sharp by accusing servants of stealing, or sleep with them in such a way that your sponsor suspects you, but can't prove it, leading to the servant's strange disappearance, and to that long-last marriage proposal. Since you're not getting any younger, this might be the one proposal you accept...GAME OVER for this successful STERVA...and time to start again!

The Sterva For Men!

Coming this fall, the follow-up to the smash hit STERVA, it's STERVA-2: FOR MEN!

Forget Nazi zombies, ghouls, gangsters and soldiers! Fans of violent gaming have never faced an enemy as deadly and frightening as the STERVA!

Your male character must navigate a labyrinth of hallways and dance floors in the largest, most elitny nightclub in all of Moscow, packed with irresistably sexy, cynical, money-grubbing bitches. Your mission? To neutralize as many STERVAS in the club as you can, before they claw out your heart and suck out its juices dry.

Danger! You've walked into a swarming nest of STERVAS. The only way to weaken their powers is to not look at them as they try to catch your attention. Once you've weakened their self-esteem enough by being a cold and unimpressed jerk, you can get in close enough to switch to your next weapon, the deadly "HAND" weapon. Use your HAND to slap the STERVA in the face. By slapping her repeatedly, her bitchiness will turn to unrequited love. But be quick and merciless, and don't listen to her cries! Locate one of the hidden "BACKHAND-SLAP" weapon upgrades, and triple your slap-power. Now you only need to slap her ten or twenty times to make her love you!

Ready for the kill! Your character has slapped the STERVA upside the head so many times that she's helpless and in love. Now it's time to finish her off. Deftly switch from your HAND-weapon to your PENIS-weapon. Quick! Insert your PENIS into her vagina, pump, and ejaculate. If you succeed in making the STERVA pregnant, she has to leave the nightclub, and no longer presents a menace to you. Now you're ready for the VIP room. Bitches, your game is through!

Features Russia, Ukrainian and Moldovan language support.

Recommended for girls ages 5 years and up

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