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Unfiled October 20, 2006
The Fortnight Spin
By Jared Lindquist Browse author
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Jared here, but I don't have much time. In fact, corporate culture's riding me so hard that I have time to say only one thing before I cut straight to the the lineup of the next two weeks. Anyone that enjoyed himself at last week's COLDCUT show is forbidden to talk to me about music.

I've never heard of LEAFCUTTER JOHN & CIBELLE (October 20th, Aplesin, 21:00), but apparently LEAF-CUTTER is some kind of BRAIN ENO wanna be electronic folk musician that mixes in samples of natural sounds into his rustic groove mix. CIBELLE is a jazzed out Brazilian singer out of the UK that's supposed to be pretty and have a killer voice. Be careful, this event is setting off ethnic music alarms in my head. Next thing up is CRASH CONVENTION, CHAUFFER-DRIVEN AVIATOR and BLAST (October 21st, Krizis Genra, 23:00). I've never heard of these dudes either... but from the sound of it, it's more Britpop potpourri. Nothing else is going on that Saturday night, so it's probably worth a look.

I don't get it. Why do acts that I actually care about get booked on Sunday? I've been trying to act the part of good office worker, but Moscow promoters won't let me. I know it, they're trying to make me work in entertainment full time. PETER HOOK (October 22nd, Unknown Club  Savinskaya Naberznaya 71 23:00) was the bassist in JOY DIVISION and then NEW ORDER and even produced a NEW ORDER album. Now he's on a DJ tour. It might be a gimmick, but some gimmicks are just worth seeing. Now the thing worth noting here is that eventhough the promoters aren't releasing the name of this club, the address is valid and the show IS for real.

UNDERWORLD is coming as part of an otherwise unknown lineup for Marlboro MXTronica's (October 27th, Nagatinsky Bizness Center  Prospekt Andropova 22/30 23:00). They're another briefly famous electronica group that needs to come out to Russia to feel like they still matter. You might remember their Born Slippy track from Trainspotting's soundtrack. They haven't released a new album in 4 years but had plenty or re-releases of their late 80's electronic-sounding stuff. You'll find them filed under Electronica/Oldies.

SOFT CELL's MARC ALMOND AND PUNX SOUNDCHECKS w/ADAM SKY, KEOKI and SEX FERRARI (October 28th, Gaudi Arena, 23:00). Lyrics aside, MARC ALMOND's scratchy voice is impossible to listen to live. It's hard to admit, but the PUNX SOUNDCHECKS house/elecronica lineup may be the only thing that saves this show.

JUNKIE XL & DJ DARREN EMMER-SON (October 28th, Danilovskaya Manufaktura  Varshavskoe Shosse 9 str. 1 22:00) is sort of like the CHEMICAL BROTHERS or CHRYSTAL METHOD. Great bands... 10 years ago.

If you liked LAMB and MASSIVE ATTACK but want more jungle and D&B in your life then LTJ BUKEM (October 28th, Gorod 23:00) is the man for you. He was the innovator of jungle, maybe. But now he's just another D&B guy riding on his previous fame to come to Moscow and he's been here a few times already.

There might be something to do on Halloween after all. HOWIE GELB & GIANT SAND (October 31st, AKTOVIY ZAL, 20:00) is a bit of a misnomer because HOWIE is the GIANT SAND. Sort of like what TOM PETTY is to THE HEART BREAKERS. Supposed to be pretty good. Southwestern rock, quirky, poppy. Why not.

Swedish electronic DJ guy who was involved in THE KNIFE, JAYJAY JOHAN-SON (November 2nd and 3rd, IKRA, 21:00) might be good to see. Even if they didn't win, at least THE KNIFE was nominated for two Grammies.

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