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Whore-R Stories February 24, 2006
Latvia: More Than Just Russophobic Nazis
By Abram Magomedov Browse author

Ever since regaining its independence, Latvia has been flexing its puny little Aryan muscles by making Latvian the official language, even though almost 40% of the population speaks Russian and only Russian. This made it real hard for Russians in Latvia to get citizenship, jobs and generally speaking, made them feel unwanted and second rate. We at the eXile've got a beef with that. We decided to stand up for Russia and go and fuck some of their womenfolk. But of course, we got no game so there was only choice for us: Latvian whores.

Incidentally, it worked out that, according to some study, Latvia's the EU's Ho Central. That's because 1 in 2 women in Latvia have at one time or another in their lives received money for sexual services. And indeed, there is a very high whore density in the city. Virtually any bar has two to four whores on site. And by European prices, they are fairly cheap. That just shows that they still have an inferiority complex in regards to the EU. So they sell them selves cheap to their European masters, and take out their aggression on the poor Russian population.

But our experiment for vengeance got a little confusing when the girls turned out to be sweet, funny and gen erally likeable. We're not icebergs, folks. For posterity, and for Russia, we reprint below the unabridged transcript of the whoring incident in Latvia. The whores come in and we flip for it: my friend gets the prettier one with faux dark hair. He and his whore go to the bathroom to take a bath. I turn on the tape recorder and place it on the bed stand next to my bed. The recording light starts glowing red.

whore 1: We should turn off some lights.

me: I was thinking exactly the same thing.

whore 1: I'm a little sweaty.

me: Sweaty from fear

whore 1: I didn't want to come.

me: You didn't want to come here

whore 1: No.

me: Why? You don't want to work? Lazy?

whore 1: I'm tired of this.

me: You from Odessa?

whore 1: No, my girlfriends are from there.

me: That's right, you're from here.

whore 1: Why don't you take some thing off. Now!

me: Listen, don't tell me what to do, you.

whore 1: Which bed is yours?

me: That one. [Muffled sounds. She rolls the con dom onto my dick with her mouth and starts sucking my half-limp gimp.]

whore 1: I want you like this. I want you like that. Giggles.

me: Oh, that's nice.

whore 1: What is this? This is already --

me: What is already?

whore 1: You're already going to sleep?

me: Uhmmmm...What's wrong with taking a little nap while I get a little pleasure?

whore 1: Oh, you're tired. Can I do this?

me: Oooh, of course you can.

whore 1: Songs.

me: Yes, songs. [Strange noises come from the bath room as if something heavy is being dragged.]

me: What, are they moving the toilet in there? [She keeps sucking. I'm on the bed on my back, head of pillow, hands behind my head.]

me: I want you to talk in Latvian to me.

whore 1: Me?

me: Yes, you. I want to hear some thing in Latvian.

whore 1: Koto... (something indecipherable)

me: You didn't say anything bad about me, did you?

whore 1: No, just good things. [We switch positions. She gets on top. I try to stick my dick in her pussy.]

whore 1: Hold on.

me: I said talk to me in Latvian.

whore 1: Nya Dagonla. [Sounds of my stomach slapping against her ass.]

whore 1: You're about to come?

me: Don't worry, not yet. What you're tired already?

whore 1: Nyet. [Hard breathing and ass slapping.]

whore 1: Ah. Ah. Ouch. Don't rip off my birthmark.

me: Whoa, that's a huge birthmark. [I just notice it. Her right nipple has a humongous mole the size of pencil eraser.]

whore 1: Da!

me: You got a double nipple, there.

whore 1: Da! Double tit.

me: Suck me a bit.

whore 1: No no. It's already lubed up.

me: Look how delicate we are. Don't like lube in your mouth?

whore 1: Shakes her head. [We switch positions: she's still on top, but facing away from me.]

whore 1: Is this better?

me: It's fine. [Blubp, blubp: sounds of water shifting in someone's stomach.]

whore 1: Is that my stomach or yours?

me: Don't know. [We switch positions. She lies down on her stomach spread eagle. She's too fucking long: her arms and legs hang from both sides of the bed. I get on top of her.]

whore 1: Hold on, hold on. I'll put in myself.

me: Put your ass down a bit. You're too tall. Yes. Like that. Ahhhh.

whore 1: Ouch. Don't do it so hard!

me: I'm being as gentle as can be.

whore 1: No, you're doing it too hard! [Sounds of me breathing hard, the bed rocking.]

me: I wonder what you're thinking about?

whore 1: What is that red light?

me: Oh, it's just saying the battery needs recharging.

whore 1: Oh. [Accidentally, I put it in her butt.]

whore 1: No no no no no.

me: (I imitate) No no no no no. No no no no no.

whore 1: Laughs.

me: No no no no no.

whore 1: Continues to giggle.

whore 1: Ooooooh. aaaaah. [Enter my friend with whore 1 from bathroom. I'm still inside her, still fucking her from the rear.] FRIEND: Are we going to disturb you?

me: I think it's going to be fine.

whore 2: Hello.

whore 1:He's beating me up here. Giggles.

whore 1: Ouch! Stop it. Ouch! [Friend and whore 2 lie down on the bed but a foot from the one I am on. Whore 2 starts sucking friend off.]

whore 1: Oh blyat (whore)!

me: Who are you talking about?

whore 1: Myself. Giggles. Ouch! Don't do it so it hurts.

me: I'm being gentle.

whore 2: Is this good. FRIEND: Oh, yes.

whore 2: You're such a pleasant boy. FRIEND: Hmmm... [Whore 1 starts changing my condom.]

whore 1: Hold on, I'll do it myself. No need to rush.

me: Ok. Hands up. I'm like a frog.

whore 1: Giggles. [Whore 1 jerking me off, the sounds of bed #2 rocking can be heard. Whore puts condom on and starts riding me.]

whore 1: Ouch!

me: You're too delicate, snow white.

whore 1: And you're Santa Clause. And we're under the Christmas tree.

me: Yeah. Santa Clause is like that --

whore 1: All business.

me: And you're about to get a present. You've been a good little girl?

whore 1: Da! Giggles. [I slap her ass.]

whore 1: Santa, you're bad.

me: Well, what can I say? I've shaved my beard.

whore 2: Can you two cut it out? You're making me laugh. [We switch positions: she's belly down on the bed, I'm on top.]

whore 1: Oooooooh, where's the present?

me: You're getting it right now. You don't feel it?

whore 1: Nyet.

me: Oh, you bitch.

whore 1: When you're gonna shoot, that's when I get my present.

me: The present will only come at the end of the festivities.

whore 2: Lana, stop fooling, you got work to do.

me: What are you getting jealous?

whore 2: Da.

whore 1: Why are looking at the other bed?

me: It interests me.

whore 1: Oh my Santa.

me: Yes, your own personal.

whore 1: Oh. It hurts.

whore 2: Stop looking over here.

me: You don't like when I look at you?

whore 2: Da.

me: But I like it. [Whore 1 starts changing my condom, again. Sounds of her sucking in the condom with her mouth.]

FRIEND: (Laughter.)

whore 2: (Laughter.)

me: (Laughter.)

whore 1: (Slurping sounds.)

me: Yes. Just like that, yes.

whore 1: You've been drinking alcohol?

me: Yes.

whore 1: So, I don't think you're going to cum.

me: No no, everything will be fine. What, are you worried?

whore 1: Da.

me: Don't worry about me. I'll be fine, we just can't stop working. We always need to work.

me: What're you looking at?

whore 2: Why did you deceive me? FRIEND: I didn't.

whore 2: Yes you did.

whore 1: What did he do?

whore 2: He said he didn't come, but he did.

me: He's like that. FRIEND: We're just gonna go back to the beginning.

me: Yeah, like a sequel. FRIEND: How 'bout you give me a massage.

whore 2: Can I have a smoke first? [Whore 1 one starts making Indian war cries with my dick in her mouth.]

me: Now you're little Pocahantas. FRIEND: You can smoke while you massage me.

whore 2: No, that's too difficult.

me: Don't take in it that far. I don't want you to throw up on me. FRIEND: (Laughter.) [We change positions: now it's missionary style.]

me: What's so funny.

whore 1: Nothing, I was just looking at you.

me: I don't like it when you laugh at me.

whore 1: Comon work!

me: I'm fucking taking a rest.

whore 1: No rest. You gotta work. FRIEND: Giggles.

whore 1: Santa isn't giving me a present.

me: Don't worry Santa is gonna spray frost all over you real soon.

whore 1: What are you doing.

me: Checking that every thing's good ? quality control.

whore 1: Don't squeeze so tight.

me: Santa can do what he likes.

whore 1: Ahhhh, ooooooh.

me: Santa is ready.

whore 1: Really? Ouch.

me: Santa is gonna get mean if you don't stop yelling.

whore 1: Ouch! You're hurting me.

me: Listen, you're throwing my concentration. Stop it. FRIEND: OK, lets go smoke.

me: Oh. Oh. Aaaaaahhhhhhhh.

whore 1: What, Santa is done?

me: Yeah, the frost is out.

whore 1: You're lying to me.

me: You wanna check.

whore 1: That's for me to do. Lie down, I'll take it off.

me: Is this your prize?

whore 1: Those are my children.

me: What the fuck are talking about, those are my kids.

whore 1: Mine.

me: I ain't giving you shit! Get away from me.

whore 1: You're greedy.

me: Get away. [I throw the sperm-filled condom into the trash.]

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