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Unfiled September 9, 2005
Hanson Snitches, War Nerd Suspended!

It was a long, hot August, folks. After War Nerd Gary Brecher's takedown of neo-con mandarin and fellow Fresno-ite Victor Davis Hanson, the ol' professor counter-attacked from his fortified perch in the National Review, America's leading right-wing intullekshual rag. As counter-attacks go, Dr. Hanson's was about as effective as Manuel Noriega's brilliant defense of Panama City in 1989. Dr. Hanson's article attacking Brecher was so sloppy and careless, not to mention patently insane (he even accused Brecher of having set fire to his grapevines), that we felt compelled to write a letter to his editor at the National Review. The NR editor forwarded our letter to Dr. Hanson, probably as a passive-aggressive way of alerting his star neo-con professor about his shoddy writing. Incredibly enough, Hanson responded to our criticism of his spelling errors - by misspelling the name of the editor whom he was responding to - Mark Aimes [sic]. The next week, Dr. Hanson, ever the honorable academic, attached and enddnote to his National Review column to clear up the outcry over his many spelling and grammar errors. Fittingly, he misspelled this endnote, titling it, "Authorr's note" [sic]...

August 26, 2005, 9:09 a.m.

The Paranoid Style

The National Review

Iraq: Where socialists and anarchists join in with racialists and paleocons.


But if Meyerson's skewers facts and twists progress into abject failure, take the example of someone using the name Gary Brecher of Encore magazine. In an article called "Victor Hanson: Portrait of an American Traitor," Brecher became incensed about a suggestion that neither the formal education nor the autodidacticism of the Hollywood elite granted them any privileged wisdom about American foreign policy:

"That column got me so furious I daydreamed about driving down Highway 99 to Hanson's farm and setting all his orchards and vineyards on fire. I kept thinking of what the Spartans said when one of their neighbors threatened them: "Your cicadas will chirp from the ground," meaning, "We'll burn your olive orchards if you mouth off again."(*

To understand the mindset of the anarchist, consider his similar fury right after 9/11.

"The best war is when you can hate both sides, and that's how it was with the WTC. I cheered those jets...Until those planes hit the WTC nobody dreamed you could knock down an American corporation building. Nobody ever thought one would come down. And when they did, damn! It was like the noche triste, when Aztecs made the Conquistadors bleed for the first time and said, "Hey these aren't magic six-legged metal monsters, they're just a bunch of victims like us."

"Hate both sides" in fact, is not quite accurate, since in reality more often the invective is reserved only for the United States -- as when he cheers for the terrorists on 9/11, not for us. But then compare the recent antiwar hysteria that equates Abu Ghraib with Saddam's death jails, Guantanamo with the Gulag and Nazi death camps, and the terrorist killers in Iraq with Minutemen.

** How strange that about the time that Mr. Brecher's article appeared, someone in fact did try to torch our vineyard, but managed only to scorch about 20 vines near the road before the nearby Mid-Valley Fire Department arrived to put out the fire.

"Burn, Fresno, Burn!" War Nerd prepares response to being suspended without pay.

Now here is Dr. Hanson's correction to mistakes in the above column. Note that he even misspells the column title, which should be "Dog Days"...

September 02, 2005, 7:18 a.m.

Our Dogs Days

AUTHORR'S NOTE: Correction: In last week's essay, I referred to the wrong title of the website/newspaper that published Gary Brecher's article, "Victor Hanson. Portrait of an American Traitor." The online newspaper is called eXile , and the article can be found in the table of contents, under the subtitle "The War Nerd puts local Fresno academic Victor Hanson (Doctor Victor Hanson) on trial and recommends the firing squad."

And now here is the email exchange...

From: Mark Ames []

To: ''

Subject: letter from Moscow, Russia on Victor Hanson


Victor Hanson's attack on one of my newspaper's writers, Gary Brecher ("The Paranoid Style," August 26), reveals an appalling level of intellectual laziness. Rather than engage the substance of Brecher's argument -- that Hanson should know, as an expert on Ancient Greek warfare, that the reason why insurgencies cannot be defeated in our post-WW2 world is that genocide is no longer tolerated, since genocide has been a key strategy in defeating insurgencies from the Ancient Greeks up through the imperial Europeans -- instead, Hanson merely calls Brecher cheap playground names like "anarchist," "fascist," or whatever else helps him avoid serious debate (just as he labels Cindy Sheehan an "anti-Semite," the biggest debate-squelcher of them all). Furthermore, Hanson suggests that Brecher set fire to his vineyard in his footnote at the bottom, as proof that Brecher is a terrorist. This is a highly irresponsible accusation to make, although it is also highly comical.

Dr. Hanson's laziness is the most shocking feature of his writing. Consider the transitional sentence in which he mistakenly introduces our newspaper: "But if Myerson's skewers facts and twists progress into abject failure, take the example of someone using the name Gary Brecher of Encore magazine." Not only does he get the name of our newspaper, "The eXile," wrong (this in spite of the fact that Dr. Hanson freely admits to having pored through our archives, suggesting that he spent a lot of time familiarizing himself with Brecher's works), but the sentence makes no sense whatsoever. It simply stops dead halfway through the comparison to Meyerson, or rather, to "Meyerson's" - Meyerson's what? Shouldn't he remind the reader? Basically, he's saying, "But if Meyerson's [sic]...take the example of Encore [sic]..." There is no link whatsoever between the two clauses. One wonders what the ancient Greek rhetoricians would have thought of such lazy logic. Probably they would have assessed Dr. Hanson's rhetorical skills just as Brecher grades his military logic on the Iraq occupation: an unmitigated disaster.


Mark Ames


The eXile


From: victor hanson



Subject: Re: FW: letter from Moscow, Russia on Victor Hanson

Dear Mark Aimes,

I was sent your letter. Two typos occurred and were corrected in later versions on my website; a note of correction about your website title with a link is planned for the Friday column, along with the full title of the article and its listing in your table of contents.

That someone set a fire is on the record and can be verified with the Mid Valley Fire Dept. who stopped it from doing much more damage. When one writes about burning someone's property, and thousands read it, it is completely reckless and constitutes a threat, as are other references such as "firing squad." After your magazine printed that essay, I had numerous calls and emails about threats from your magazine, which prompted me to examine them. What "Brecher" wrote about me, as what he wrote about 9-11 was beyond normal journalism. I should say a number of readers also wrote that you, using a pseudonym, were in fact the real author of that attack, which I don't put any credence in. In any case, the arson complaint, with pertinent information, is on file with the authorities and hope nothing more ensues.

Sincerely, VDH

From: Mark Ames []

To: 'victor hanson'

Subject: RE: FW: letter from Moscow, Russia on Victor Hanson

Dear Dr. Hanson,

My first response to this letter clearing up your typos and errors is that you misspelled my name. It's "Ames," not "Aimes."


Mark Ames

From: Mark Ames []

To: 'victor hanson'

Subject: RE: FW: letter from Moscow, Russia on Victor Hanson

Dear Dr. Hanson,

I am trying to follow up on the arson attack you reported. Could you please tell me the date of the alleged arson report? I cannot get confirmation from the Mid Valley FD without a date (or address, but I understand you might be wary of giving that to me). In the meantime, I am suspending Gary Brecher this issue without pay.


Mark Ames

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