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Unfiled April 8, 2005
March 29th
Moscow City Court Drama By Edward Limonov Browse author

Putins group is using against us only a stick, a club, if to be exact. No carrot whatsoever. On March 29th seven National-Bolsheviks Party members were listening to new verdict in glass cage of court room number 308. That glass cage is an object of proud of Moscow City Court. They feel that glass cage is more humane then cage with iron bars, made of iron bars I mean.

As to me, former prisoner myself the iron bars cage is preferable. The fresh court air could circulate freely. Also your lawyer can smuggle you some letter or message through the iron bars. In a glass cage prisoners have a look of poor fish inside of acvarium. You dont hear what they are saying, prisoners, unless they speak into microphone, and that microphone you know, can be easely switch out by a judge. That court room have also strange speciality: it is serving as corridor for other groups of prisoners to be judged. They have traversed room 308 three times, coming from one door to another one, heading to the steercase, descending to the basement cages for prisoners, arrived for a trials from their prisons. So it was like seating in the middle of traffic jam. When police have given to architect a task to make a plan of Moscow City Court they, I am sure to have forgotten about prisoners to be judged in that building. That is why Court corridors are wide, its toilets are huge and white, the doors are beautiful with some bronze knobs, made of oak I suppose those doors, but special corridors for prisoners to go in and out were not foreseen. But anyway, around 13.00 everybody were at their places in court room number 308: our comrades in glass cage, judge, and his fellows -- two more judges -- at their podium, our seven lawyers, blue-uniformed woman persecutor, relatives of imprisoned National-Bolsheviks, me, and about dozen of party members. Rest of our crowd were left behind the court room doors.

Chef Judge Vladimir Nikitin opened session. Our lawyers have said that they consider process at Tverskoi court a political one, and have accused Tverskoi court judge Elena Stashina of to be engaged on the side of the accusors. Our lawyers said that even the fact that the punishement inflicted by Tverskoi Court was equal for each of National-Bolsheviks: five years of inprisonement, while each of them "participated in occupation of Ministry of Health with different degree of activity was in itself a proof of unjustice." Lawyer Elena Kiltchitchakova said: "convicted National-Bolsheviks have protested agains the law of "monetization" of priviliges, on August 2, 2004. But in January 2005 simular actions of protest been held in 74 of 89 regions of Russia. As a matter of fact all Russia have rised in solidartiy with those seven boys. But they are accused, anyway, of disrespect of society."

Then seven National-Bolsheviks have prononced their "last words." The eldest, Maxim Gromov, 31, said that he "doesnt expect of justice from this false State." Grigori Tishin, 18 have said that "Femida have taking bondage off her eyes. I dont count on her Justice." Sergei Ejov, 19 said about Putins portrait throwed out of the window of Ministry of Health: "Yes, we have offended, profaned Putins portrait, but he profaned whole country."

Blue-uniformed Elena Grigorova have stated that anyway persecutors opinion have not changed: "On August 2, 2004, National Bolsheviks were motivated by their desire to demonstrate their disrespect towards Society."

After that exchange of opinions judge announced break-time. We all have left court room number 308. I knew from diverse sources that punishment will be reduced, because Russian State (Putins Group) finally understood that severe punishment of "seven of MinZdrav" is damaging State image. Half a dozen of State «chinovniks» have expressed in public and in private that punishment will be reduced. To what level it will be reduced, was only question what I have asked myself, when I waited in corridor of Moscow City Court. I was cool, as can be cool man, who have listened to State persecutor demanding for him in sum 25 years in prison, and eventually 14 years "by the way of partial addition." So I was cool.

But not the relatives of boys, the mothers and few fathers. They werent cool, poor relatives. Journalist from "Kommersant" Oleg Kashin was talking to our lawyer Dmitri Agranovski. Journalist of "Vesti" Rushev was engaged in discussion with lawyer Sirogidinov. My bodyguards were looking around for troublemakers. Actually bodyguards are serving only against hoods, Hodorkovski was arrested inside of his private plane protected by few dozens of bodyguards. It is ridiculous, thought I, when waiting that destiny of my party members will be ready to annonce. That their destiny have been decided on advance behind Kremlin walls I had no doubt.

When break was over, all the crowd including television crews accomodated itself inside. Despite protests of militia nobody left. Then chief judge Nikitin started to read courts verdict. The youngest Grigori Tishin, Sergei Ejov and Anatoli Globa-Mikhailenko have received two and half years in camp each. Gromov, Bespalov, Korshunski and Klionov were also have reduced their sentences down to three years, each. Cheif judge have satisfied and proud look. Kremlin demonstrated its fucking generosity. Some relatives have now happier look. I wasnt happy at all.

Because I know that seven National-Bolsheviks have commited no crime on August 2nd 2004. They expressed their protest against absolutist, archaical, medivial in its essence governing of Russia by Putins group. Brave new generation of free spirited young men, they are drastically different from the rest of Russian population, from their mothers and fathers, from medivial militia men, from blue-uniformed prosecutors, from all that scum of the past. Reduced sentences arent what we are demanding. We are demanding that people of the past will leave. That Putin and his medieval commandos will resign on the spot. That Parliament, servile to Putin will be dissolved. That new free elections will be held. That what we want. We want no less.

Meanwhile, our lawyers will appeal to presidium of Moscow City Court. Presidium will refuse to farther reducing sentences. Then our lawyers will appeal to Court Supreme. The possibility of decision of reduction of sentence by Court Supreme exists, but very slight one. Then Party will appeal to European Court in Strasbourg. In order to publicize out cause.

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