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Unfiled December 10, 2004
Putin Should Give Us Warm Coats
By Edward Limonov Browse author

1) President Putin has no ideology. For his personal usage he is practicing belief in Supremacy of Russian Leaders Power. No matter how leader is named: Tzar or president or general secretary.

2) President Putin believe that Russian people are his subjects, not fellow citizens. Although Putin may call them "citizens," he relates to him as subjects.

3) President Putin is arrogant towards his subjects. He never ever asked their opinion about important question of nation's life. Even more: he aggressively doesn’t want to hear their opinions: Putin’s State Duma voted unanimously for such harsh procedures of public referendum that to stage a referendum in Russia is practically impossible.

4) President Putin is arrogant towards "his" people because for 15 years of his adult life he was a privileged officer of KGB. His Red card of KGB officer always placed him above ordinary citizens lives. He learned how to despise Russian people at very early years of life.

5) President Putin has no sense of value of life of Human being. He gave orders to storm theater on Dubrovka [where performance of "Nord-East" has taken place], occupied by Chechen troops, he gave orders to storm a school at Beslan, where about thousand of hostages [most of them children] were captured. President Putin sacrificed lives of hundreds of ‘his’ subjects in order to save his own image as tough man. He is unsensible, heart-less.

6) President Putin has his residence behind Kremlin walls, inside of medieval fortress that like a giant spider sucking Moscow’s hills and all Russia. President Putin’s power is medieval in its nature. It is humiliating for Russian people to have such absolute monarch in 21st century.

7) President Putin ruling country according to his dreams. His dreams have its origin in Russia before 1917, because renouncing communist ideology when serving democrat Sobtchak in 1990-1995 Putin was left with only Russian ideology beside communist, with tzarism. So Putin is dreaming tzarism and practicing tzarism in 2004.

8) Because previous president of Russia Boris Yeltsin was an alcoholic, President Putin has an advantage of fresh, sportive man in comparison. For five years Russian babushka’s are happy with Putin’s looks. Last summer, however fresh Putin demanded from State Duma to take some of babushka’s and grand-father’s privileges away, such as gratuitous access to metro and rail-way trains, gratuitous medical care, etc.

9) President Putin practicing war in Chechnya, in order to justify existence of police state all over Russia. So, streets of Russian cities reminding streets of cities occupied by the enemy troops. Endless check–ups, control and verification of documents made lives of ordinary citizens unbearable.

10) President Putin have eliminated political life in Russia. Just few days ago State Duma voted the law according to which political party might be registered by state only if party have no less then 50 thousand adherents. Names and addresses of party members should be submitted to Ministry of Justice. Knowing Russian History who can be sure that those people will not be arrested by state soon or later?

11) President Putin is tyrant. He is not even modern tyrant, he is medieval tyrant, working in Kremlin fortress, traversing Moscow with his escort of secret services, in high speed. When Putin traversing Moscow, police stopping all creatures, human or animal. Everybody is waiting when tyrant will pass.

12) President Putin and his servants love to say that Russian people are special, that they are less developed socially and politically than people of western country. And because of that say Putin Russians need more state control and police control of their lives. It is of course lie.

13) President Putin was ordinary small officer of KGB. He is still small officer of KGB, having no talents, no knowledge of the world affairs. He is vain, we, Russian people can see that President Putin having great pleasure to be host for President George Bush or Italian President Silvio Berlusconi. Putin is smiling in talking to them. But Putin is not smiling in talking to us-Russians.

14) Yes, more then 48 millions of Russians have voted for Putin to be behind Kremlin walls. But those 48 millions made tragical mistake. It is simple, those poor creatures have a smaller life experience, they never ever were outside their regions, most of them old and badly educated. So they don’t know that an art of lie, art of falsehood is most useful weapon in modern politics. Putin is not good-natured. He is not benevolent. He is bad-natured.

15) Putin behaving as our harsh, tough father, who is punishing his people for undiscipline, for that they are poor, for that they are not working enough, to become rich. But we don’t need an evil father, punishing us. We don’t need father at all. We need a good-natured fellow citizen who will understand us and who will be bright and fair to us. We need a brother president not a father.

16) Putin building new premises for FSB headquarters. As two of biggest buildings of Lubianka are not enough. We are looking at those construction works with suspicion. We are sure that new building will be used to do evil things.

17) President Putin’s men have falsified results of elections of December 7, 2003. But Nordic, frozen Russians didn’t protest, it was no uprising as in Ukraine.

18) Russia has a bad climate. In addition to it we have frozen president, completely indifferent to his people. He didn’t like us. Secretly he probably likes Germans, those huge beer-bellied Germans. He probably having dreams that he is President of Germans. We know that Putin liked German beer, when serving in East-Germany.

19) What I wan to state, that Russian people claims to Putin are not political, they are natural, biblical, we need a good-natured, good-humored man with a kind face. Who will say to us pleasant things, will give us small useful gifts. As Evita Peron, in her time: sewing machines, motorcycles, say, warm coats. What it will cost to President Putin’s pocket if he would buy some few coats and will give it to poor passerby's on streets of Moscow.

20) But President Putin never will stop on the frozen street of Moscow. He will never take one warm coat after another [kind face, kind smile] from a lorry of warm coats. Because he is not a kind man, his heart is full of darkness.

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