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Unfiled November 26, 2004
What is that all hustle about
By Edward Limonov Browse author

November 22, early morning:

According to friend of mine, Ukranian politician, Russian Government have sended about two milliard dollars only at first presidential vote of Ukranian elections. 870 million dollars of those two billions were money due to Russia as a payment for Russsian gas. Russian professionals of elections proudly have made a fortune at first tour of Ukranian election. Notorious specialist of dirty tricks Gleb Pavlovski alone earned 24 million dollars, according to my source.

I am writing on the very eve of second round of Ukranian elections, when two thirds of ballots are counted and official results are about one percent for Mr. Yanukovitch ahead of Mr. Yushchenko. I am writing in the middle of pause suddenly announced by Central Electoral Commition of Ukraine, a pause in counting of ballots. When it is a pause announced in Eastern Europe country, one should be aware that something is going wrong for the government. And government hopes that during pause it can do something to help itself: to cheat people of course.

Some electoral achievements announced before pause are astonishing. At coal miners’ city of Enakievo, where Mr. Yanukovitch was born, electoral attendance was 100%! In Donetsk, the capital city of coal miners region attendance was 97%. In the same time voters of central and Western Ukraine, traditionally anti-Russian and overwhelmingly voted for Yushchenko in first tour, in second round have expressed amazing indeference towards elections: only about 70% of them participated at second round. When I am writing I am listening to radio "Echo of Moscow," translating directly from Independance Plaza. Supports of Yushchenko, about 20 thousand of them gathered on the Central Plaza of Kiev. Crowd is growing. they wait for arrival of Yushchenko, their leader. They are stopped traffic at Krestchatik, the main street of Kiev. What it is going to happen? I hope revolution will happen. Or public disorders.

Myself I am absolutely cool about choice of leader for Ukraine. Both: Yanukovitch and Yushchenko are big huge swine-looking bureaucrats, both ex-prime-ministers. Their political orientations (Yanukovitch is supposedly pro-Russian and Yushchenko supposedly is pro-Western) so volatile, that they cannot be trusted those both men. Even if Yanukovitch today is posing as pro-Russian and pro-Putin man, who can stop him become pro-Western after winning an election? Nobody can stop. He didn’t signed an agreement with his blood, giving his soul to Russia. Those Ukranian gentlemen cannot be trusted. Actual President Mr. Kuchma was during his political career in turn pro-Russian, Pro-European, Pro-American and Pro-Russian again. The choice between two swine-looking bureaucrats is not so exciting. Ukranians have not choosen between say, Che Gevara and Yanukovitch, between capitalist development and Revolutionary way of life. So, what is all that hustle about? Coal miners better to drink their Ukranian vodka "Goritka," stay home and fuck their huge wives. Do it for next elections, brothers.

A lot was said those days about Ukranian elections. I was interviewed by few Ukranian journalists. Journalists were on Yushchenko’s side. As to arguments they were using against person of Yanukovitch the strongest argument was that Yanukovitch was twice or three times sentenced for criminal offences. I argued them, me also. I was sentenced to four years but does it make me less honest man, then my fellows Russians? Journalists have said – No, it doesn’t make you less honest.

I think President Putin’s visit to Ukraine two weeks ago is the reason for such electoral passions of Ukranians. Freshly independent state, Ukraine is jealously guarding its virgin independence especially in relationship with Russia, who was Ukraine’s master state for centuries. So, by his visit and support he gave to Yanukovitch Putin is actually spread an oil on fire. It wasn’t very bright idea to excite nationalist feelings of Ukranians. It was rather clumsy idea. As a result we are having passionate gatherings for crowds in Ukranian cities.

However, both Yanukovitch and Yushchenko are not good for a job of Ukranian president. Millions have seen Yanukovitch falling under throwed egg during his election campaign. Big swine looking man just felt on the ground with his hand on his chest. From egg’s impact huge man felt on the ground. He thought that the bullet hited. Poor thing that Yanukovitch man, about 150 kilograms, over-weighted. But the bullet is supposed to be a part of presidential job, a part of profession. Every monarch, every elected leader of a state should expect one day to be assassinated. If leader falls under egg it is laughable leader. More laughable if he weights 150 kilograms or so. Even if a bullet hits a President of State, he, President, should fall with a dignity, as statue in full length, with heroical smile. I am no an admirer of President Reagan, but Reagan behaved well when Hinckley shooted at him. He looked brave, Reagan, I mean.

Another Ukrainian supposed to be President, Mr. Yushchenko went to Austria as he had a problem with his stomach. Austrain doctors then said that he, Yushchenko wasn’t poisoned. Yushchenko in his turn said no, doctors are wrong. I am poisoned. Face of Yushchenko meanwhile had some furuncles, future Presidnet looks ugly. Jesus, where Ukranians found those fragile creatures: one has gastric problmes, another one falls under an egg! Shame! I went through three prison, never had a gastric problem, no temperature, never ever was sick. President should be healthy man, at least.

November 22, late evening: radio announcing final results of yesterday elections in Ukraine: 49.7% for Yanukovitch and 46.7% for Yushchenko. Independence Plaza, according to radio "Echo of Moscow" is crowded by 100,000 persons. Good, I hope they will fight. I hope they will smash each other noses. Nothing terrible going to happen. Just little fight, political fight, because one should defend its political position, even if it is only a choice between two swine-looking man. However, I hope it will be a big fight, that will eventually go across the border to Mother Russia’s territory, on the streets of frozen Moscow City, under Lujkovs and Putin’s sky. Smash, fight, fight, smash, it going to be beautiful. I bet.

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