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Unfiled August 19, 2004
Wreck the Wreckers!
By Jake Rudnitsky Browse author Email

MOSCOW (Independent Exile) â€" In recent months of the all-Russia fight against corruption it has become undeniable that many leading technocrats are guilty of not unmasking sufficient numbers of Enemies of the People, allowing erstwhile “businessmen” to prosper as they cheat the Russian State and People out of their rightfully earned tax revenues.

But is it possible that these bureaucrats have not been simply fooled by the ruthless tactics employed by certain Western and rootless cosmopolitan elements operating among Russia’s leading businessmen? Perhaps it can be shown that they have not been tricked but rather have actively supported the anti-Putin position adopted by these rootless cosmopolitans in conjunction with the diversionary spy tactics of foreign governments’ agents? In other words, the question is, can it be claimed that in recent history there have been no indicators that would tip off members of the government that various businessmen have been transferring imponderable sums of money into offshore bank accounts with the express intention of defrauding Russia and her People? No, it can not be claimed. These signals have been obvious and members of United Russia do not have the right to ignore them. There are both open and secret wreckers at work within the country trying to exploit the situation to weaken the state and undermine its international standing.

Even while many members of the villainous Berezovsky-Gusinsky bloc have fled the country, it cannot be ignored that those criminal syndicates continue to operate from bases located in hostile countries abroad to export funds that should be used to finance Russian economic growth. To do this they clearly have collaborators working within the Russian Federation. Likewise, while the Khordokovskyites have been dealt a crippling blow, remnants of their organization continue to subvert Russia from within and supply her enemies with libelous untruths meant to undermine V.V. Putin’s authority.

Given that we know there are elements in all levels of society with sympathies for these corrupt anti-Russian organizations, it is imperative that patriotic Russians in good standing unite to expose and liquidate this cancer from our otherwise united society. These wreckers work only for their own corrupt personal benefit so that they can embezzle funds and perhaps buy a dacha on the French Riviera. In the words of the esteemed V.V. Putin, “The nation needs a real breakthrough.”

We hereby call for a renewed vigilance against the wreckers! Only once society has been cleansed of such meddling dogs will Russia prosper! No anti-Russian rootless cosmopolitan or his collaborators is exempt! The dictatorship of the law must be used to smash the illegal and corrupt elements! The legal process and our court system must be directed at crushing these wreckers! All power to Putin! Only then will we rid Russia of corruption!

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